What is Humane Squirrel Control

Squirrels have always had a love-hate relationship with humans, particularly in urban areas. While their furry appearance and mischievous antics are certainly a delight, at other times they can be quite annoying. For example, when they keep emptying your tray of bird feed.

However, for most of us, it is not easy to eliminate squirrels by treating them as pests. This is where humane squirrel control makes sense as it gets rid of squirrels without any harm being caused to them. Thankfully, there are a number of ways through which it is possible to humanely get rid of squirrels including use of safe repellents and mechanical solutions.

Here are a few proven humane methods provided by animal control Oakville to combat squirrel infestation from your property.

1) Make sure your yard is free of squirrel food: Abundance of food supply is perhaps the main reason why your yard is overrun with squirrels. They love to forage on nuts, acorns and other tidbits of food items that tend to make their way on and around the yard. Similarly, squirrels love to hang around trashcans that are not sealed to for left over food items. Removing the food items from their adopted home, through the help of a rake and properly fastened trash can, will ensure that squirrels will move elsewhere for sustenance.

2) Make your bird feeder is squirrel proof: Nowadays you will find a lot of bird feeders that are intelligently designed to keep the squirrels away. In addition, you should ideally place the feeder away from a tree or your house so that the squirrel cannot leap on to it.

3) Use organic squirrel repellent: Organic repellents can be highly effective in making the squirrels abandon your premises as their sanctuary. They are made of pungent peppers with high scoville scale. Other repellents are made from the urine of predators and used as a spray around the yard and the trees.