When You Should Call A Plumber And When You Shouldn’t

Not all plumbing projects are ideal for the DIY especially when you need special tools. Despite of your skills for home repairs, you may need to seek a professional help from an Master Plumber. Below are situations which you cannot anymore handle the task by yourself, so give the job to the right person.

Low water pressure. There many factors that affect the water pressure in the water lines. One main reason is the obstruction of debris, rust, or trash in the water lines which can affect the meter and faucet aerators. Another reason is the poor design of water supply lines. There are times also that the water pressure coming from the city supply is low.

A professional plumber can assess the real cause of this problem.
No supply of hot water. During winter season, no one would like to take a bath without hot water. Call an emergency plumber to assess if there is a bad heating defect on your hot water tank or possible the igniters and thermocouple burners of your gas heater failed to operate normally. A plumber can tell if your heater needs repair or replacement. In the event that the unit needs to be replaced by a new one, the plumber can immediately dispose the old unit and look for a replacement on the same day. It is more cost-effective in terms of labor.
Main Sewer Stoppage. If you are having a hard time to drain your toilets, bathtubs, and showers, the root cause of the problem is probably the main line. Rather than renting a sewer rodding machines that might damage your sewer, look for a service provider that offers drain-cleaning service. Any trouble can be handled by them.
Tub Replacement. This big project needs a highly skilled plumber with modern tools for a well-done job. A bathtub clog can be also experienced in the long run. Call a plumber as your bathtub begins draining slowly, before it leads to a full clog.
Frozen Pipes. Before you attempt to thaw the pipe, close the water shutoff valve and open a nearby faucet. Frozen pipes might cause burst or crack. Immediately call a plumber if this will be the situation.
Dripping faucet. One of the common household problems is a dripping faucet. A slight leak if left unchecked may lead to a lot of wasted water. Take note that 1 drip of water per second can waste up to 3, 000 gallons of water per year.

Plumbing requires skills and special tools, and a good plumber is equipped with these two important factors. If you need a professional plumber in your area, Prompt Plumbing and Drainage in Thornhill, ON has professional plumbers with long years of experience in handling small to big plumbing projects. The company is known for its affordable yet good quality of work.

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